Ditch Checks

Ditch checks are small dams constructed across a swale or drainage ditch in order to reduce the velocity of water flowing in a channel. Ditch Checks are a highly effective sedimentation control application in that they prevent suspended soil particles from entering area streams and wetlands during a rain event. Ditch Checks can be constructed using stone, straw bales or engineered products.

Straw wattles

Straw wattles are tubular, temporary structures that use compressed agricultural straw wrapped in photodegradable synthetic netting. They can be placed or staked within a drainage ditch to help reduce the velocity of water flow. Straw wattles can also be installed on any construction site and along slopes to contain sediment and minimize soil loss.

Rock Check Dams

Rock Check Dams are small dams constructed using angular rock sized 3” or greater. Rock check dams are economical and work great along the side of roadways, parking lots and water discharge locations.

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