Silt Fence

Silt Fence is the most recognizable and economical erosion control product on the market. Silt Fence is used as a temporary sedimentation barrier, installed to reduce soil loss during a rain event. Typically installed around the perimeter of a construction site, it utilizes geo-synthetics and wooden stakes anchored in a small trench to provide the first line of defense in protecting your site against soil loss. Please feel free to call us with any questions or a proposal for your specific site.

2’ Silt Fence

The 2' Silt Fence is the most economical silt fence product on the market. It uses woven fabric which is 2’ tall with 36’’ hardwood stakes and 6.25’ spacing. 2’ Silt fence is perfect for residential projects or other areas where small earth changes are being made.

3’ Silt Fence

The 3' Silt Fence is another common silt fence which uses 36” woven fabric with 6.25’ spaced hardwood stakes. 36” silt fence is the typical standard for Department of Transportation projects, but is also commonly used on large development sites or areas where large earth changes are being made.

Reinforced Silt Fence

The Reinforced Silt Fence is used in critical areas such as at the toe of steep slopes, waterways, or areas where contaminated soils exist. Reinforced silt fence uses woven fabrics with woven wire fence attached to the downstream side of the fabric. It is then attached to wooden or steel posts typically spaced at 5’ intervals.

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