Created to keep people on the road and out of harm, guardrail is an essential part of highway and roadway safety today. A variety of systems exist and are separated by their different applications, locations and site conditions.


Midwest guardrail system is the stereotypical two beam steel guardrail system connected to either wood or steel posts driven into the ground. Applications include highway and secondary roadways.

Thrie Beam

Thrie Beam Guardrail is a heavier duty steel guardrail intended for use on highways or interstates, it has an extra beam for added strength as is required by the higher speed limits. Similar to the MGS system it can be utilized with either steel or wooden posts driven into the ground.


Wooden Guardrail is seen most often in parks or lower speed environments where the aesthetics of wood is desired and strength requirements are less. This type is ideal for natural environments where protection from dangerous areas is necessary.

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