Seeding and Mulching

Seeding and Mulching is a cost effective way to help stabilize exposed soils and restore areas that have been disturbed during construction activity. Applying seed and fertilizer can be done by broadcasting, sowing, or hydroseeding depending on the site and its characteristics. Once seed and fertilizer has been placed over a prepared seed bed it is very important that it is covered in order to protect the seeds from direct sunlight and other environmental factors. Most commonly seed is covered using agricultural straw mulch that is dispersed over the seed and then anchored into place. Straw mulch applications are typically used on highway, large non-irrigated, and industrial sites.

Hydro mulching is another common application that agitates wood or synthetic fibers in an wet slurry. Once mixed to a consistent slurry the hydromulch is sprayed in place using high pressure pumps. Hydromulch works great on airport, residential and commercial lawns and slopes. Both applications can provide superior results when properly selected and applied for your site and budget.

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